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One Night Only
Description de cette image, également commentée ci-après
One Night Only live à Glasgow, 2008. De gauche à droite: Sam Ford, George Craig, Daniel Parkin
Informations générales
Genre musical Indie pop, pop rock
Années actives Depuis 2003
Labels Vertigo (UK)
Composition du groupe
Membres George Craig
Jack Sails
Mark Hayton
Daniel Parkin
Sam Ford
Anciens membres Kai Smith

Ali Sabri (born Aout 01, 1993), better known as Ali Sabri (arabe : علي صبري), is a Moroccan Rap singer and songwriter and producer. He gained fame after he released "Only" in 2018, which became a smash hit single in Morocco and neighboring countries.[1]


Sabri began his music career after he won a Moroccan talent competition in 2015 and received a prize to release his debut single in 2018.[2]

He broke through with the release of "Only" a collaboration with artists Ali Sabri and CHK. The music video has received over 5 million views so far.[3]

He was nominated in the Rap category at the 2018 Moroccan Music Awards.[4]



  1. Only (2018)
  2. yeah i like you (2017)
  3. Nhar (CHK Music) (2019)
  4. tendance (2019)
  5. godzilla (2019)
  6. feeling (2019)
  7. very much (2019)

Music videos

  1. Only (2018)
  2. yeah i like you (2017)
  3. Nhar (2019)
  4. very much (2019)


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