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Getronics Dutch headquartered ICT services business with approximately 4,000 employees across Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

The business has gone through numerous mergers and divisions, having expanded significantly under its former owner Aurelius from 2012 to 2017. In July 2020 GSH Private Capital acquired the business in a deal worth €200M.

In 2012, KPN sold a majority stake of Getronics Europe and APAC to the Aurelius Group, a German publicly listed industrial holding company. KPN sold Getronics LATAM businesses to OpenGate Capital, a global private equity firm.[1]

Aurelius had also acquired Thales in Spain and Argentina earlier in 2012,[2] which has been rebranded to Connectis and is now a key member of the Getronics family. In late 2013 the Getronics family acquired NEC Enterprise Solutions[3] in the UK and Spain to further grow its UC services business.

Aurelius continued to add other ICT companies to their portfolio: Steria Iberica in Spain (2013),[4] Telvent in Spain and South America (2014) (both IT consulting companies); and Individual Desktop Solutions (IDS)[5] from T-Systems in Germany. IDS was then sold again in 2016.[6]

In April 2016, the Getronics family announced the completion of the acquisition of Colt's managed cloud business[7] in 11 countries, as well as the launch of its Managed Cloud Services portfolio. In July 2018, Getronics announced its expansion to North America after acquiring U.S. based company, Pomeroy.

In 2019 the North American business was relaunched under the legacy brand, Pomeroy.

In July 2020 GSH Private Capital led by Kenton Fine, became the new owner-managers.

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