ITunes Originals (album de Seether)

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ITunes Originals

Compilation de Seether
Durée 102:42
Genre Metal alternatif
Label Wind-up Records

Albums de Seether

ITunes Originals est une compilation du groupe sud-africain de metal alternatif Seether publiée le sur le label Wind-up Records.

Liste des chansons

No Titre Durée
1. The Band Started in May 1999 (Interview) 6:32
2. Gasoline 2:49
3. We Had to Write a Single, and We Didn't Know What That Meant (Interview) 2:59
4. Fine Again (version iTunes Originals) 4:24
5. It Needs to Be Discovered by Fans (Interview) 3:36
6. Sympathetic 4:08
7. We Thought We Were Starting Karma and Effect (Interview) 5:48
8. Broken (version iTunes Originals) 4:14
9. We Did Sold Me at the Same Time as Broken (Interview) 1:48
10. Sold Me 3:38
11. The Original piste Was Cater to Cowards (Interview) 6:18
12. Remedy (version iTunes Originals) 3:34
13. We Weren't Going to Use It for Our Band (Interview) 2:11
14. The Gift 5:34
15. I Was Having Fun Today Playing with a Lot of Effects (Interview) 2:18
16. Truth (version iTunes Originals) 4:08
17. A Lot of Our Music Translates Acoustically (Interview) 3:13
18. Tied My Hands (version live) 5:14
19. He Was the Number One Fan (Interview) 4:42
20. Fake It (version iTunes Originals) 4:19
21. Lets Tease People with What's Coming with That Song (Interview) 3:12
22. Like Suicide 4:14
23. I Was Feeling Nostalgic (Interview) 2:58
24. Rise Above This (version iTunes Originals) 3:37
25. I Picked It for the Chorus (Interview) 3:30
26. Across the Universe (version iTunes Originals) 3:47


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